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China - Shenzhen
Shenzhen is a coastal city which adjoins Hong Kong and borders on the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is the first Special Economic Zone in China since the institution of the "Reform and Opening-up" policy. As an international metropolis with favorable influences, Shenzhen has created a world-renowned "Shenzhen Speed" and is also dubbed as the "City of Design", "City of Piano", and "City of Makers."
Thanks to its position as the window of Reform and Opening-up and an emerging immigrant city, its distinct geographic features and cultural environment, Shenzhen has developed into the most ideal city for elites across the seas to start a business with its openness, tolerance, creativeness, and internationality. In recent years, Shenzhen has been rated as the "China's Most Economically Vibrant City" by certain institutions. An economic center city of China, Shenzhen was also ranked No.1 among the Top 25 Creative Cities in Mainland China published in the 2014 Chinese edition of the Forbes magazine.
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