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Guest Registration for the 7th China International New Media Short Film Festival
The 7th China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF) will be held in two sessions:
Held from May 12 to 17, 2016, the first session "Vision" Spring Week of 7th CSFF features the display of new media short films and the professional exchange on new video media industry. Excellent works selected at the CSFF will be screened and a forum will be held during the session.
Held from November 12 to December 2, 2016, the second session "Reward " Autumn Week of 7th CSFF features international short film trading, screening, and exchanging. The 7th CSF opening ceremony, international short film screening, international short film market, grass short film carnival in Guangming New District and special campus activities will be held during the session.
Please visit www.csff.online and log in to the guest registration system to register for the 7th CSFF activities. Upon participation, you will enjoy guest-exclusive rights and interests and can make domestic and overseas friends in the industry to gain more development opportunities.
Online registration time: March 1 to November 24, 2016
I.Registration Procedure

Anyone interested in participating in the 7th CSFF activities needs to register at www.csff.online to become a guest. Guests are classified as (but not limited to) the following:
1)Guests who attend all CSFF activities.
2)Guests who attend international short film screening.
3)Guests who bring short films, Internet dramas and scripts to take part in the 7th CSFF International Short Film Market.
4)Distributors of short film copyright, script copyright, and creative film and TV programs; and institutions investing in various projects, film and TV dramas and new media videos.
5)Entities that join the International Short Film Market, including new media video websites, film and television production companies, VR technology companies, special effects producers, film and television equipment companies, and representatives of international film and culture exchange organizations.
6)Reporters who take part in the 7th CSFF.
7)Service providers for the 7th CSFF, such as catering staff, hotel operators and taxi drivers.
1)Standard charge: 3,000 yuan/person for guest registration.
        i.Preferential price of 600 yuan/person for the registration and payment made before August 1, 2016.
        ii.Preferential price of 1,500 yuan/person for the registration and payment made before October 1, 2016. 
        iii.Preferential price of 2,400 yuan/person for the registration and payment made before November 1, 2016. 
2)Registration free of charge for the following participants:
        i.Directors or copyright owners who bring short films to take part in international short film screening.
        ii.Representatives of exhibitors who join the International Short Film Market. 
        iv.Service providers for the 7th CSFF, such as catering staff, hotel operators and taxi drivers. 
3)Fee collection account for the 7th CSFF:
Account name: 深圳时刻网络传媒有限公司 (SHENZHEN TIMES Network Media Co.)
Account No.: 755917843810401
Deposit bank: China Merchants Bank, Golden Homes Branch Shenzhen
Remarks: please DO fill information in the remark or usage column in the following format when you make the transfer: CSFF registration fee + guest name (guest name is mandatory so that the Committee can check accounts in time).
4)The registration fee is only for the CSFF participation and does not cover food, drinks, transportation, or hotel accommodation etc.
5)For those who make registration payment but cannot come to the festival, only 90% of the paid registration fee will be returned by the Committee.
6)For a payment invoice, please call 0755-2376 7300 or email to csff@szmg.com.cn, and collect it at the registration center during the festival.
3.Confirmation and Sign-in
After the registration, the Committee will send an e-mail to confirm guests' registration information and a PIN code will be generated and sent to the registered e-mail address of guests. This PIN code is an important certification for onsite sign in at the festival. During the 7th CSFF Autumn Week, guests are required to bring their ID cards and PIN codes to sign in at the CSFF registration center, where they can collect their guest certificates and a set of the 7th CSFF materials and souvenir.
II.Guest Rights
1)One guest certificate for the 7th CSFF.
2)One set of materials including the 7th CSFF proceedings and activity brochure.
3)1-year authorization for professional services on the online market platform. With this authorization, users can access the complete information about all trading projects on the platform, watch complete short films, and obtain the contact information of directors, teams, producers and buyers.
4)The list of entities and guests that take part in 7th CSFF.
5)A set of souvenirs for the 7th CSFF.
6)Rights to take part in all the 7th CSFF activities.
7)Free ride on the commuters arranged by the Committee during the festival (guest certificate required).
8)Preferential prices of accommodation at hotels partnering with the 7th CSFF.
Committee of China International New Media Short Film Festival Committee
Contact: Mr. Lin
Tel.: 0755-2376 7300
Fax: 0755-2376 7303
E-mail: csff@szmg.com.cn


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