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The 7th China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF)

College Day


The 7th CSFF College Day, which will be held in Shenzhen during November 27-28, 2016, consists of two sections: Master's Seminar and Extreme Shooting Creation Practice with Cell Phones.

1. Master's Seminar

The Master's Seminar of the 7th CSFF offers two open classes given by world-renowned special effect masters and directors on their creation experience and techniques in hopes of igniting students' passion for creation by combining lecture with practice.


The first Section: How to improve film art creation by using special effect technologies?

Time: November 27, 2016 (Morning)

Special effect technologies have boosted the development of film industry and become more and more indispensable for blockbusters. From the classic Lord of the Rings and Avatar to the recent Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Martian, and Wolf Totem, numerous themes that are impossible in the past have become reality due to the application of the technologies based on the basic rules and principles of art creation. Special effect technologies introduce brand new film languages and styles, providing an unlimited space for film creators to bring their imagination into full play. The organizing committee of the seminar will invite a noted special effect director to give a lecture on the usage of special effects in creating visual arts and introduce different shooting concepts and creative thoughts.



The second Section: Hollywood special effects disclosure

Time: November 28, 2016 (Morning)

Hollywood is not only a production hub for global film industry, but also a fertile land for special effect films. The production process and work division system of Hollywood special effects has been leading the development of global film industry. Interstellar, Life of Pi, and The Great Gatsby are among the typical Hollywood special effect films. During the seminar, professional visual effect creators from Hollywood will exclusively reveal the production process of special effects in Hollywood movies, lead audience into the magical world of special effects, review excellent clips from classic movies, and uncover the laws behind special effects. The seminar will be an interaction platform for audience to appreciate film culture.

2. Extreme Shooting Creation Practice with Cell Phones

This activity requires participants to shoot a short cell-phone film of a given theme (determined on site) with their cell phones. It will be held in the form of sightseeing and creation material collection based on Shenzhen local cultural landscape. The Committee will collectively display each group of works on the same day and select excellent creators as award recipients.


All teachers and students of all film academies are most welcome to participant in the 7th CSFF College Day!

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