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Terms of Use of the Online Market Platform of
the 7th CSFF International Short Film Market


The online market platform for international short films is an international demonstration channel developed for short film makers, copyright proprietors, investors, producers and buyers.

Please visit our website by clicking www.csff.online.

Through this platform, on one hand, copyright proprietors and outstanding film & TV creation teams can demonstrate short films and Internet dramas and release script outlines, plans for producing online video content, crowd-funding plans for projects related to the production of new media video content, as well as other projects requiring funds.

On the other hand, purchasers, investors and producers can release audio visual content demands and purchasing plans, promote cooperative projects, and hunt for creation teams, excellent short films, scripts and video content projects.

1. Opening Time of the Online Market Platform in 2016

March 1, 2016 — December 30, 2016

2. Scope of Trading

1)     Copyright trading of short films, scripts and new media audio visual content;

2)     Content production of short films, Internet dramas and online videos; crowd-funding, investment and financing for projects related to the production of new media video content.

3.  Requirements on Trading

The content of trading (including characters, languages, scenarios and backgrounds) shall not violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China; shall not contain or involve any issues or content on ethnic, religious or racial discrimination; shall not contain pornographic, violent or other unhealthy content; and shall not be suspected of plagiarizing or infringing upon others' copyright.

4.  Method for Project Application

1) For any projects falling in the trading scope and meeting the trading requirements, applicants may log in www.csff.online to complete guest registration, fill in submit and information as required.

2) Applicants may fill in and submit both Chinese and English information as per their needs.

3) Applicants must be the copyright holder or owner representative for the submitted project.

4) The contact person information filled in shall be true and valid.

5) The Committee will not charge exhibition fees for the trading projects.

5. Trading Permission

1) For all short films in the online market, the Organizing Committee of CSFF shall be authorized to their editing and the duration of edited footage shall not exceed15% of full length of the short films and is 3 minutes at maximum. In addition, as part of the current or future publicity of CSFF and International Short Film Market, the short films and their footage may be used in the exhibitions, interviews or trailers in cinemas, TV channels, Internet, mobile TVs and other public places. The authorized term of use of short film footage is one year at default. Upon the 1-year expiration, the term of use of the same shall be deemed to be automatically extended for another year if there is no special statement.

2) All project content shall be authorized to have its basic information, including short film synopsis, script synopsis, director team intro, project description and video preview, displayed on the online market platform to the public.

3) All project content shall be authorized to have its complete information, including complete audio visual content and the contact information of organizations or director teams, displayed on the online market platform to the Committee-authorized enterprises and organizations, including professional buyers, production companies, websites, TV stations and distributors.

6. Commitment to Copyright Protection

1) The Committee will take technical measures to ensure that all videos exhibited on the online market platform will not be downloaded;

2) All users of the online market platform will be allowed only to watch the videos online, will not be able to and has no right to copy or spread any video footage. The Committee has the right to investigate legal liabilities of copyright infringers.

3) The online market platform will automatically generate a watermark to any trading projects submitted to it.

7. Legal Statement

The Organizing Committee of CSFF holds the right of final interpretation to the online market platform.

8. Contact Us

Committee of China International New Media Short Film Festival Committee

Project Dept. of International Short Film Market

Tel.: 0755-2376 7300

Fax: 0755-2376 7303




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