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A Brief Introduction to China International New Media Short Film Festival

The first session themed withVision” The 7th CSFF Spring Activity Week will be held from May 12th to May 17th , 2016, during which time the 12th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industrial Fair (ICIF) will also be presented. This spring session is centered on new media short film screening and professional communication among new media industry of video art. Major activities include CSFF excellent works screening and new media short film development forum.

The second session, which focuses on international short film trading, screening, and exchange, has a theme of Reward” The 7th CSFF Autumn Activity Week and will be staged from November 25th to November 30th, 2016. The autumn session consists of the 7th CSFF Launching Ceremony, International Short Film Screening, International Short Film Market, Short Film Outdoor Screening in Guangming New District, CSFF Short Film Creation Acceleration Program, Shenzhen City Themed Short Film Competition Session, and College Days.

The annual CSFF event has been held consecutively for six years, during which time its influence has been rapidly enhanced, nationally and internationally, becoming one of the most important short film festivals with worldwide recognition. Meanwhile, it is a solid foundation laid by the National Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television toward its vision of developing CSFF into the No.1 short film festival in Asia with international first-class standard.

1. KingBonn Award — a world-renowned short film award

KingBonn Award is the only short film award in China that has been successfully created and nurtured by the CSFF over the last six years. The 6th CSFF KingBonn Award attracted numerous entries of world-class quality, artistic beauty, and ornamental value from 104 countries or regions. The selection jury of KingBonn Award consists of prestigious film and television experts from home and abroad, namely, Feng Xiaogang, Peter Chan (Chan Ho-San), Lu Chuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Tao Hong, Richard Taylor, and Jacques Cluzaud, whose expertise sets a high bar for the shortlist and boosts the influence and popularity of KingBonn Award both in China and abroad. Thanks to the CSFF, a bunch of talented short film directors are scouted and nurtured in the past six years, such as Shen Ao (director of The Opposite Shore), Ding Lu (director of the Grandfather), Sahim Omar Kalifa (director of Land of the Heroes 1988 and Baghdad Messi), Shawn Christensen (director of the Curfew), Hu Wei (director of the Butter Lamp), Mauricio Osaki (director of My Father's Truck), and Konstantin Bronzit (director of We Can't Live Without Cosmos). These awarded short film directors also received recognition in other international film festivals, for example, the Best Short Film of the 5th KingBonn Award – Curfew, is also the winner of the 85th Oscar Award for Best Live-action Short Film and was later adapted into the feature film Before I Disappear. The 7th CSFF will roll out "CSFF Short Film Creation Acceleration Program" based on the KingBonn Award in an effort to provide more practical and effective platform and strengthened support for the growing of those brilliant short film directors. The funding program provides a total of RMB 1 million for the five winners of the CSFF Short Film Creation Acceleration Program as the fund for their next works. In addition, these five winners will also enjoy priority in signing contracts in the International Short Film Market.

2. International Short Film Screening — a platform for short film cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world

The CSFF Organizing Committee has built long-term partnership with film and television organizations of more than 30 countries including France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt, etc. During the short film festival of each year, the committee screens the excellent short films selected by the partner countries and arranges on-site exchange activities between short film directors and audience, providing a window for Chinese audience to appreciate the fine works from other parts of the world and a bridge to connect Chinese culture with other national cultures. The International Short Film Screening of the 7th CSFF will be scaled up to two channels, namely, online market platform and offline market exhibition. All eligible entries will be displayed on the CSFF official website from April 1st, 2016 to December 30th, 2016. The CSFF organizing committee and the International Selection Jury Panel will pick out the top 20 works from all entries to screen at every cinema and short film festival venues in Shenzhen from November 26th through November 30th, 2016. The directors of the screened works will be invited to attend the on-site communication activities in Shenzhen.

3. Short Film Outdoor Screening in Guangming New District — the most attractive outdoor cultural entertainment during the CSFF

Short Film Outdoor Screening in Guangming New District marks a new pattern of short film screening in China and leads a new lifestyle featuring green and recreational life. The event is centered on outdoor short film screening and supplemented by gourmet feast, creative exhibitions, and so on. It attracts hundreds of thousands of participants each year and enjoys popularity among short film audience from home and abroad. With a theme session screening of "One Belt, One Road", the 7th CSFF Short Film Outdoor Screening in Guangming New District is combined with digital virtual studio experiencing area and gourmet feast of authentic French and Spanish cuisines and indigenous delicacies of Guangming New District, providing participants with a large-scale outdoor cultural event featuring "Technology + Art + Food" elements.

4. International Short Film Market — a breakthrough

As CSFF Organizing Committee keeps exploring short film trading opportunities, the first Chinese short film copyright trade in the international market was registered during the 4th CSFF. After six years of accumulation and preparation, the International Short Film Market will be initiated during the 7th CSFF. The market focuses on CG special effect creation and Virtual Reality (VR) Technology and will be presented in an O2O mode combining online market platform and offline market exhibition. The 7th CSFF Short Film Market (Exhibition) will be held in Guangming New District during November 25th-28th, 2016 as an exchange and trading platform for short film copyright trading, script venture, new media video project cooperation, and new media technology displaying, facilitating a highly efficient resource scheduling between short film scripts and new media short film projects, technology & capital, and buyers & traders.

A large number of creative and original activities staged during the previous CSFF International Short Film Festivals provided a platform for Chinese young directors to learn, exchange and grow, broadened young directors' creative minds, and accelerated the improvement of Chinese short film creation. Among these activities are Workshop, Master's Seminar of KingBonn Academy, TEF Conference of International Short Film Directors, and New Media Short Film Forum. To make the best use of the national and international resources pooled by the short film festival and contribute to Chinese film and television industry and media education, Special Campus Activities, named College Days, catering to the students of film and television major will be held during the 7th CSFF. The activity integrates instruction with practice and serves as an international platform for the cultivation of professional talents in Chinese universities.


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March 20th, 2016

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